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Begun in Minnesota as a birthday gift from our children to their Dad in 1982 - 10 years after our last Siamese litter.

This ruddy queen, Amber, was the grandmother of our first blue which was also our first Grand Champion - Ch (CFA), GRC (ACFA) Highdarling Water Sprite of Glenlea. Sprite's other grandmother was a British import from the first "rainbow" litter (all four colours) born there. Of interest to other breeders, it took 2 full years to register Sprite in CFA. Her granddaughter still lives with us - a healthy 13 year old.

Another of Amber's grandchildren came after two of our children moved to Florida and shopped for another queen. They provided us with a ruddy daughter of GRC, NW, Cinna's Jack Daniels, DM. She was the mother of our next Grand - GRP, RW, Glenlea's Boca who was 5th best Aby Premiere at the 1989 Invitational as well as nationally for the '89-'90 season. Quite an achievement in 12 shows!

We moved to Florida late in 1991 but continue to return to northern Minnesota to keep cooler during the summer. We then sold our ruddy/red stock to another breeder so we could concentrate on the blues.

Moving back and forth has kept our cattery small. We found it necessary to add some new bloodlines and we were very fortunate in 2004 to have acquired 2 blue kittens from Purssynian Abyssinians for breeding and a ruddy "pet" as well as 2 blue girls from the C-Abyss cattery.

All 4 Aby colours are produced here but most are blue. The kittens are a minimum of 12 weeks old when they are sold.

All pets altered, contract, shots, health certificate, local sales preferred, limited shipping.

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